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Rediffusion Bladeless Cooling Fan Black

Rediffusion Bladeless Cooling Fan Black


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  • 3 wind modes: Normal, Natural, Night for optimum comfort.
  • 3 speed settings to adjust the airflow intensity.
  • 55° smooth oscillation to evenly distribute the air.
  • Simulated natural wind for a refreshing breeze.
  • Energy-saving timer function with up to 15 hours of usage.
  • Remote control for convenient operation from a distance.
  • LED touch screen for easy and intuitive control.
  • Noise levels ranging from minimum 35dB to maximum 45dB, ensuring a quiet environment.
  • Environmentally friendly ABS material bladeless design for easy cleaning and safety.
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Your perfect comfort companion quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to use. With a sleek bladeless design for safety.

Introducing our revolutionary Bladeless Cooling Fan. This sleek fan offers a range of customisable wind modes, including normal, natural, night to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. With its 55 degree oscillation feature, every corner of your room will be filled with a consistently pleasant and evenly distributed breeze. Our simulated natural wind setting brings the soothing feeling of a summer breeze or refreshing gust indoors. Plus, our energy-efficient design ensures cost-effective cooling without compromising on comfort. With easy controls and hassle-free cleaning, our Bladeless Air Circulator is the future of cooling technology for a refreshing and enjoyable indoor environment.